Five Tips for Negotiating a Favorable Commercial Lease

Real Estate

The first copy of your lease will likely be completely skewed in favor of the landlord, but don’t be discouraged. Many clauses in a lease can be negotiated so that they are fair to both you and the landlord. Here are some tips for negotiating a favorable lease:

Karen Kalzer

New Washington Law Extends Rights for Religious Practices

Business, Employment, Religion

Governor Jay Inslee has signed in to law a bill that assures state employees (and public school students) two days off per calendar years for religious holiday. Our business clients, particularly those with heavy weekend and holiday need, may wish to anticipate similar requests being made to them as well for unpaid holidays as a “reasonable accommodation” for religious practices.

Karen Kalzer

Seattle Minimum Wage Update

Business, Employment

Lauren Parris Watts reviewed the implementation of the newly passed Seattle $15 Minimum Wage Ordinance at the latest Helsell Fetterman Employment Law Breakfast on June 3. We promised to keep out attendees informed about ongoing developments on this issue. The following is a quick rundown of the known challenges to the Ordinance.