Karen Kalzer

Fifth Circuit Rules in Favor of the EEOC on Lactation


The Fifth Circuit recently ruled in the EEOC’s favor by determining that “lactation” (not necessarily breastfeeding) is a condition of pregnancy, and thus prevents employers from taking adverse action against a female employee because she is lactating. See EEOC v. Houston Funding II LLC, (No. 12-20220).

Karen Kalzer

The Wave of Family Responsibility Discrimination (FRD) Claims Continues to Rise


The wave of Family Responsibility Discrimination (FRD) claims continues to rise. FRD is a descriptive title for lawsuits that allege discrimination against workers who have caregiving responsibilities for children or older family member. While there is no single FRD statute, it refers to the complex web of potential claims under Title VII, FMLA, ADA and other protective statutes.

Legislature Update: Land Use

Land Use, Real Estate

The 2013 Washington State Legislature wrestled with an 800 pound gorilla – education funding – and adjourned without reaching consensus on that issue. But in the process, several new laws passed that are relevant to those who are in land use or real estate.

Michael Spence

New Case Signals Return to "Buyer Beware"

Real Estate

A recent case from the Washington State Court of Appeals signals a strong return to the legal principle of caveat emptor – otherwise known as “buyer beware”. It’s important that real estate brokers understand the magnitude of the decision, whether they represent sellers or buyers.

Lauren Parris Watts

A Brief Review: Seattle's Sick and Safe Leave Policy


Are you aware that there is the recently added chapter 14.16 of the Seattle Municipal Code which mandates paid sick and safe leave for employees working, even occasionally or by telecommunication, within the city limits? As of September 1, 2012, employees accrue paid sick and safe time according to a schedule based on the number of workers employed.