Karen Kalzer

Breaking Down the Charter School Decision


The Washington State Supreme Court has invalidated the Charter Schools Act because its funding provisions violate the Washington State Constitution. The Court found that the unconstitutional funding provisions of the Act cannot be segregated from the rest of the Act, so that the entire Act is invalid.

The Immunization Debate

Family Law

As a response to the high-profile measles outbreak that started in Disneyland last year, on June 30th, California joined Mississippi and West Virginia as one of three states with the nation’s toughest mandatory childhood immunization laws

Karen Kalzer

US Supreme Court Rules Same Sex Marriage

Employment, Religion

The US Supreme Court has ruled that same sex couples have a fundamental right to marriage protected under the US Constitution. In Obergefell et al v. Hodges, the Court found Constitutional protection under the Due Process and Equal Protection clauses. The vote was 5-4 with extensive dissenting opinions.

Karen Kalzer

Supreme Court Upholds Affordable Care Act – Again


The Supreme Court of the United States upheld the Affordable Health Care Act for a second time, announcing its decision in King v. Burwell this morning. In short, the Court ruled that individuals who get their health care insurance through exchanges established by the federal governments will be eligible for tax subsidies.

Interpleader Process to be Simplified

Real Estate

On Wednesday, April 22, Governor Inslee signed a bill into law that simplifies and shortens this process. The bill, known as SHB 1730, was promoted by the Washington Realtors® and others in the industry. It establishes an abbreviated timeline for interpleaders involving residential property