Update on Proclamation 20-45 and Protections for Domestic Violence Victims

Coronavirus / COVID-19, Elder Law, Trust and Estate Litigation

On Saturday, May 9th, Senate Republicans blocked the extension of Governor Inslee’s Emergency Proclamation 20-45 Protection Orders and Personal Service.  This Proclamation, issued on April 10th, provided protections for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking by easing the process by which victims can seek emergency protection orders and waiving in-person proceedings.  This includes […]

Kevin Khong

The Effect of Lost or Destroyed Wills

Elder Law, Trust and Estate Litigation

A lost or destroyed original will can unravel the best laid plans of a person trying to specifically avoid ambiguity when it comes to his/her testamentary intent. Washington State adopts the common-law presumption of animo revocandi (latin for “with intent to revoke”) that a lost or destroyed will was purposefully revoked. Probating a will when […]

Washington Supreme Court Supports Elderly Woman's Wishes

Elder Law

The Washington Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the guardian of an elderly woman did not act negligently by not forcing an elderly woman into a nursing home against her wishes. The decision reversed the Washington Court of Appeals which had found that the guardian had acted negligently when they didn’t set aside the clients wishes and replace with their own