Karen Kalzer

New Requirements Under Seattle Labor Ordinances


The City of Seattle has approved a comprehensive set of amendments, the 2015 Wage Theft Prevention and Labor Standards Harmonization Ordinance to Seattle’s labor standards laws.  While effective as of April 1, 2016, many of these new requirements are in “soft launch”, that is, there will be no enforcement or penalty until September 1, 2016. Some of […]

Laura Hoexter

Preventing Tax Scams


Despite its additional diligence, this year the IRS is predicting that we will see the highest rate of tax scams, from aggressive calls “from the IRS” asking for payment to third parties stealing your identity and filing tax returns in your name. Knowing what to look for and taking a few precautions will help you avoid these scams.

Karen Kalzer

Can I Still Fire Someone for Marijuana Use?


Employers frequently inquire as to whether they can discharge an employee for marijuana use in Washington, a state which allows for legal medical and recreational use of marijuana, and we affirm that they can do so if acting in accord with their stated policies and if applied in a non-discriminatory manner.

Karen Kalzer

Breaking Down the Charter School Decision


The Washington State Supreme Court has invalidated the Charter Schools Act because its funding provisions violate the Washington State Constitution. The Court found that the unconstitutional funding provisions of the Act cannot be segregated from the rest of the Act, so that the entire Act is invalid.