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How to Deal With Digital Assets After Death

As we begin to store more of our personal information and assets in digital form, planning to access and transfer our digital assets following death or incapacity is becoming increasingly important.

Friday Night Lights

Title IX and its regulations generally prohibit sex-based discrimination by educational institutions that receive federal financial assistance. In such lawsuits, which are on the rise, female plaintiffs or their parents typically sue the school district

Why Elder Law?

Elder law is a natural expansion of a traditional trust and estate practice. By expanding his or her practice to include elements of an elder law practice, the trust and estate attorney will be able to serve a much larger client base, thus increasing the size of his or her own practice.

The Limits of Free Speech

When determining whether a student can display Confederate flag symbols, schools must consider the district’s history of racial tension.

The Use of Restraint and Seclusion

As a result of several disturbing incidents involving the restraint and seclusion of students with disabilities in schools, the US Department of Education asked the Council of Chief State School Officers in

Swimming in the Wake of Windsor

When the United States Supreme Court announced its pair of same-sex marriage decisions on June 26, 2013, commentators began to forecast the tsunami of tangible changes that would result.

Trust and the Real Estate Transaction

A recent case from Division I of the Court of Appeals makes it crystal clear that buyers of residential real property can no longer blindly trust the seller’s disclosures

What’s Mine Is Mine, Or Is It?

@Law, The NALS Magazine for Legal Professionals · Winter 2012-13 ·by Laura Hoexter On May 5, 2010, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued Public Letter Ruling 201021048 and CCA 201021050, which announced a change in the way the IRS was going to treat income earned by registered domestic partners (RDPs). This change attempted to bring the […]

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