Washington Reinstates Protections for Domestic Violence Victims

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On May 15, 2020, Washington State Legislature renewed Proclamation 20-45 which waives certain statutory requirements for domestic abuse victims seeking emergency protection during COVID quarantine.  Our prior coverage on Proclamation 20-45 details the ways in which victims can seek emergency protection through electronic filing.  On May 9, Senate Republicans denied the extension of these protective measures in favor of the return of statutory requirements, including, among other requirements, personal service and notice.  The Proclamation expired on May 11th, and without an extension from the legislature, standard statutory procedures, notice and hearing deadlines, and personal service requirements for filing temporary restraining orders returned.

On May 15th, the legislature chose to extend the Proclamation to June 15, 2020 to authorize the suspension of personal service.  Though personal service is encouraged, where personal service is not employed, service is still required using electronic means with some form of acknowledgement of receipt.  Governor Inslee subsequently issued Proclamation 20-45.1 regarding Protection Orders and Personal Service.

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