Is Your Facebook Account Part of Your Estate Plan?

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Technically, your Facebook account is a digital asset and is considered intangible personal property.  With the massive shift of important information, storage from physical filing cabinets to computers and cloud, the issue of access and ownership post death is only beginning to be discussed.  Laura Hoexter and Xan Gerson tackled this question in an online article for NALS titled “Who Inherits My Facebook? Estate Planning For Digital Assets”

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Laura Hoexter

As chair of the firm’s estate planning and probate group, Laura Hoexter’s practice focuses on wills, trusts and estates. She works with individuals to help them establish foundational documents, such as tax-saving wills and living trusts, financial and health care powers of attorney, and health care directives. She addresses complex issues that may arise, including non-citizen status, retirement benefit planning and life insurance arrangements. Laura has significant experience helping clients meet their more advanced estate planning goals, including the formation of charitable trusts and private foundations, as well as all types of irrevocable trusts such as life insurance trusts, special needs trusts, and qualified personal residence trusts.

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