Helsell Fetterman Welcomes Stephanie Grassia

Firm’s Announces Insurance Coverage Practice Group

Stephanie Grassia has joined Helsell Fetterman, a Seattle-based law firm serving businesses, organizations, and individuals. Stephanie has practiced insurance law in Seattle for over 10 years and will lead the firm’s Insurance Coverage practice group. Stephanie represents policyholders in insurance coverage disputes involving commercial property and casualty claims. She also serves as an expert witness for disputes involving the custom and practice in the insurance industry.

Before embarking on her legal career, Stephanie spent 12 years as a property and casualty commercial insurance broker, managing complex accounts for policyholders like The Space Needle Corporation, Bellevue Square, Seattle Monorail, and Stevens Healthcare. Her experience on both the legal and brokerage sides of the insurance arena give her a unique perspective on the resolution of coverage disputes.

“I have a deep working knowledge of both the insurance industry and all lines of property and casualty insurance,” said Stephanie. “Insurance disputes are often won or lost over the use of one word or another in an insurance clause, and my experience allows me to quickly recognize small details that can influence the outcome of a case.”

Stephanie is joining Helsell Fetterman due to its strong reputation and experienced roster of attorneys. “I connect well with the people here, and I feel that they give me resources and support to help me succeed.”

Reach Stephanie at sgrassia@helsell.com or (206) 689-2126