Helsell Fetterman scores high on diversity

The Law Firm Diversity Report measures law firms commitment to diversity by rating demographic information regarding racial/ethnic, gender, sexual orientation and disability status of attorneys. Approximately 85% of the scores are based on hard factors such as demographics, and the rest are based on soft factors such as narratives concerning diversity initiatives and programs.

The Minority Bar Associations of Washington noted that the top firms demonstrated a strong focus on diversity in recruiting, hiring, mentoring, promoting, and retaining attorneys.

Helsell Fetterman received the top rating for demographics and efforts related to GLBT attorneys. The firm’s overall rating was third in the state for overall diversity efforts.

The 2009-2010 Law Firm Diversity Report was compiled by a coalition of eleven Washington State Minority Bar Associations:

  • Asian Bar Association of Washington
  • Filipino Lawyers of Washington
  • Korean American Bar Association of Washington
  • Latina/o Bar Association of Washington
  • Loren Miller Bar Association
  • Middle Eastern Legal Association of Washington
  • Northwest Indian Bar Association
  • QLaw (the GLBT Bar Association of Washington)
  • South Asian Bar Association of Washington
  • Vietnamese American Bar Association of Washington
  • Washington Women Lawyers