COVID-19: Parenting Plans and Other Family Law Orders

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We recognize families may face issues and concerns related to parenting and other family law matters during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. Our family law team is here to help navigate these matters and try to alleviate stress. Nothing Governor Inslee has released, thus far, including the “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order, are intended to prevent compliance with a private parenting plan. “The governor encourages parents who are co-parenting under a parenting plan to communicate with one another during this difficult time in order to both maintain family relationships and to protect the best interests and health of each child.” Some of the surrounding Courts have issued guidelines specifically addressing parenting plan disputes that may arise during this time. Links to these resources are listed below.

The key takeaways from the Courts’ guidelines include following Parenting Plans where possible and communicating with the other parent or guardian about concerns and issues related to the child(ren). The Courts encourage all parents to try to work together to address concerns in a manner that is focused on the child’s best interests. Most Courts in Washington have placed limits on the types of actions that may be brought during the Covid-19 crisis. However, emergency-related and “mission-critical” parenting, family law, and domestic violence matters are still being heard by most courts during this time. Again, our experienced family law team is available to schedule virtual and phone consultations and are able to serve our client’s needs during this time.

Kitsap County Family Law Information Re: Covid-19
Snohomish County Family Law Information Re: Covid-19
Governor’s Proclamation Re: Protection Orders and Personal Service

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