FMLA Guide for Employers

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Employers who want a quick guide to the Family and Medical Leave Act can access the newly published “Employer’s Guide to the Family and Medical Leave Act”, which is available on the DOL website. Chock full of the Department of Labor’s interpretation of the FMLA, this 76 page manual is a pretty basic reminder on the bigger points of the law.  Chapters include:

  1. Covered Employers Under the FMLA and Their General Notice Requirements
  2. When an Employee Needs FMLA Leave
  3. Qualifying Reasons for Leave
  4. The Certification Process
  5. Military Family Leave
  6. During an Employee’s FMLA Leave
  7. FMLA Prohibitions

It will make a great accompaniment to the new FMLA Poster that’s coming soon, so download your copy now!

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