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Divorce and Family Law

At Helsell Fetterman we understand the highly personal decisions you face when divorcing your spouse; when making decisions affecting custody, visitation and support of your children; or when bringing your family together through adoption. We guide and support you through these complex and difficult decisions, helping you to make the right choices and protecting your interests from unfair overreaching.

We have decades of experience providing our clients a complete range of divorce and family law services:

  • Divorce/Marital Dissolution and Legal Separation – Contested and Uncontested; Property Settlements including characterization and division of assets, businesses, stocks, and stock options; Separation Contracts and Property Agreements; and Spousal Support/Maintenance.
  • Matters Involving Children – Child Support, Parenting Plans, Custody and Parentage, Visitation, Modifications, Relocations, Guardians ad litem, as well as Adoptions including Single Parents and Same-Sex Partners.
  • Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements
  • Non-marital/Living Together Arrangements – Property Disputes and Domestic Partner Agreements
  • Restraints – Domestic Violence, Protection Orders, Restraining Orders, and Anti-Harassment Orders.
  • Alternate Dispute Resolution – Collaborative Law, Negotiation, Arbitration and Mediation.
  • Post Decree Matters – Contempt of Court, Qualified Domestic Relations Orders, and Modifications.

We strive to resolve emotional and difficult family law issues without litigation through alternative dispute resolution—including collaboration, negotiation, arbitration, and mediation—while keeping the client’s goals and objectives paramount. When litigation is necessary, we are formidable opponents pursuing and protecting our client’s interests. We have litigated divorce cases in which the property in dispute is valued in the tens of millions of dollars, and in which ownership, control, and valuation of family businesses are at issue.

We are also taking a leading role in a new process that will dramatically alter the approach many take toward divorce and other family law disputes. “Collaborative law” is a process in which parties and their attorneys approach disputes and complete legal steps collaboratively as a team rather than as adversaries. This new process removes much of the adversity found in many divorces and seeks to avoid added stresses, animosity and expenses involved in litigation between the parties.

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