Professional Experience

Ms. Haddad is an AV Preeminent Rated litigator whose goal is to proactively prevent and resolve disputes.  When litigation is the only option, Mary vigorously advocates for her clients.  She strategically develops solutions to best serve her client’s litigation and financial goals, minimizing eDiscovery risks and costs.

Mary has successfully defended numerous multi-million dollar cases including claims against a variety of professionals.  She defends construction professionals.  Mary defends employers against claims of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and wrongful discharge.  She litigates personal injury matters ranging from catastrophic injuries to slip and falls.


  • Supreme Court of the State of Washington
  • United States District Court for the Western District of Washington

Professional Memberships

  • Washington State Bar Association
  • Professional Liability Underwriting Society
  • Claims and Litigation Management Alliance
  • American Bar Association, Lawyers Professional Liability
  • Washington Defense Trial Lawyers Association
  • National Association of Women Lawyers
  • King County Bar Association

 Professional Involvement

  • Professional Liability Underwriting Society, Co-Chair Northwest Chapter
  • Advisor, Ladder Down

Representative Cases

Johnson v. Venzon, et al. (Copyright Infringement) – The plaintiff sued the New York defendants in the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington for the unlawful publication of a book on which he held the copyright.  The case was dismissed for lack of personal jurisdiction because the plaintiff could not show the defendants knew he was a Washington resident and that their conduct was expressly aimed at the forum.

Kenco Enterprises Northwest, LLC v. Sleeping Tiger, LLC (Legal Malpractice – Real Estate Transaction) – Division I of the Court of Appeals affirmed the trial court’s dismissal of this $3.5m claim on Summary Judgment.  The underlying real estate transaction concerned a hotel where the client drafted an “AS-IS” clause to extinguish any representation and warranties in the purchase and sale agreement.  The court decided that a claim for legal malpractice is not assignable, directly or indirectly, to one’s adversary in a proceeding from which that legal malpractice is alleged to have arisen.

Nelson v. Schnautz (Legal Malpractice – Personal Injury) – The Supreme Court denied plaintiff’s petition for review after Division I of the Court of Appeals reversed and remanded a decision by the Superior Court on Summary Judgment that the attorney’s failure to file a claim against a tortfeasor’s estate prevented the fault-free respondent from recovering damages from the other jointly and severally liable tortfeasors for more than the amount of insurance coverage available to the estate.

Ms. Haddad obtained dismissal of the following cases:

Austin v. Farmers v. Morrison v. North Homes Realty, Inc. – (Real Estate) – Summary Judgment granted on property manager’s breach of contract claim in excess of $500,000.

Doe v. Lane (Legal Malpractice – Trusts and Estates) – Summary Judgment dismissal where client represented Mr. Lane who defended and pursued claims as executor and beneficiary of a multi-million dollar estate.

Doe v. Noel (Legal Malpractice) – Summary Judgment of claim for legal malpractice against family law attorney who litigated the distribution of assets exceeding $1 million.

Farnsworth v. Doe (Legal Malpractice – Real Estate Transaction) – Dismissed on Summary Judgment.  Client represented the plaintiff in $1.1m real estate transaction where she claimed she was entitled to more.

Hartford v. ProSet (Product Liability) – Summary Judgment dismissal of plaintiff’s WPLA and UCC claims.

Heather Glen Owners Association v. Heather Glen v. JMA Construction (Construction Defect) – Summary Judgment dismissal of construction defect claim.

In re Doe (Legal Malpractice – Bar Grievance) – Dismissed.  Client represented husband in custody issue where imprisoned ex-wife sought claim against client because of conflict related to ex-wife’s relationship with client’s brother.

Jobe v. Fischer & Ritchie, LLC (Legal Malpractice) – Summary Judgment dismissal of claim exceeding $700,000.

Lockhart v. CCS (Wrongful Termination) – Wrongful termination cause of action dismissed.

McLean v.  Doe (Legal Malpractice) – Dismissal of $11.5 million claim on summary judgment concerning $100 million transaction and $29 million claim.

Medical Legal Consultants v. Doe (Legal Malpractice – Personal Injury) – Dismissed on Summary Judgment.

Parker v. Larson (Tort) – Summary Judgment dismissal of defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligent infliction of emotional distress claims.

Phavong v. Moton (Legal Malpractice – Real Estate Transaction) – Summary Judgment dismissal of plaintiff’s claims for restraint of non-judicial foreclosure, breach of Deed of Trust Act, and violation of the Consumer Protection Act.

Schueller v. Camano Island Realty (Real Estate Malpractice) – Summary Judgment dismissal of real estate malpractice claim.  Plaintiff claimed agent failed to include land in property upon sale that resulted in a diminished value.

Simmons v. Doe (Legal Malpractice – Trusts and Estates) – Summary Judgment dismissal where Mr. Simmons sued his attorneys for advising him against pursuing removal of his sister as executor of their mother’s Estate and the distribution of certain assets.

Skierka v. Diamond Plaza LLC, Dinnison (Toxic Torts) – Summary Judgment dismissal of toxic mold claim.

Stark Construction, Inc. v. Tile Technology Roofing Co., Inc., Elite Builders, Inc. and Nelson Evergreen Plastering (Construction Defect) – Summary Judgment dismissal of plaintiff’s indemnity claim.

Williams v. Askov (Legal Malpractice – Employment) – Summary Judgment dismissal of plaintiff’s WLAD aiding and abetting claim.

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