Professional Experience

Isabella’s practice focuses on business and family immigration law.  She offers complete services to international businesses and individuals whose legal needs involve both immigration law and business law.  She enjoys the creative and detail-oriented aspects of choosing the optimal immigration path for businesses and individuals for their short- and long- term goals.

Isabella assists businesses and individuals navigate the complexities of U.S. immigration law and business law contemporaneously. For example, she will set up a branch office of a foreign corporation and obtain visas for the executives/managers coming to oversee the branch office. She has many years of experience in commercial closings of asset/stock and real estate purchase and sale transactions.

Isabella represents foreign corporations establish branch offices in the US, petition for key employee’s non-immigrant visas, provides contemporaneous transactional and immigration planning and green card petitions for employees.

Isabella provides strategic legal advice to HR and foreign national employees regarding US immigration issues, including H-1B, L-1, TN, PERM labor certification, I-140 immigrant visa petitions (based on PERM certifications, Multinational Managers, Outstanding Researchers and Extraordinary Ability) and Adjustment of Status applications. She teams with HR  departments, helps them develop and implement immigration legal processes to meet with Department of Labor regulations for immigration document requirements and provides strategic direction to HR on workforce planning, job changes and employer obligations.

Isabella also represents many clients through family-based immigrant petitions, especially navigating through the complex options of foreign nationals marrying or engaged to U.S. Citizens. Advising her clients with their priorities in mind, she will explain the different options clients from multi-factored perspectives and have the clients decide on the best option.

Isabella has represented many EB-5 individual and regional center investor clients. The biggest challenge with EB-5 investor representation is proving the sources of income. She has communicated with her clients effectively to put together clear and comprehensive documents and illustrations to prove to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”).

Isabella has over 25 years of experience representing clients in industries from high-tech, professional, accounting, food service, engineering, health, construction, architecture, airline, art, entertainment and sports.  She has extensive experience representing her clients at USCIS, various consular posts, Immigration Board of Appeal and Immigration Court.

Professional Affiliations

  • Washington Bar Association
  • American Immigration Lawyers Association
  • National Asian Pacific American Bar Association
  • Korean American Bar Association

Admitted to Practice

  • Washington State Bar
  • Massachusetts State Bar, Inactive
  • New York State Bar, Inactive


Isabella is herself a first-generation immigrant and knows the challenges and hard work involved in pursuing immigration benefits and loves helping her clients achieve their American dreams.  Born and raised in Seoul, Korea, Isabella speaks fluent Korean and is well-versed with Korean culture.


  김선영 변호사는 상업법과 가족 이민법 전문 변호사입니다.  상업법과 이민법에 관련된 법률 상담이 동시에 필요하신 국제 기업과 개인 고객분들께 모든 전반적인 법률 서비스를 제공합니다.  국제 기업과 개인 고객분들의 장단기 목적에 적합한 최적의 이민 방침 선택을 위해 창의적이고 세밀한 상담과 서비스를 제공해 드립니다.
김선영 변호사는 국제 기업체들에게 영주권, 취업 비자, 노동 허가, 취업 관련 이민 등에 관련된 복잡한 미국 이민법의 길라잡이가 되어 드립니다.  다국적 기업의 관리자, 경영간부, 특수 능력/기술 소유자, 뛰어난 전문직종자/연구원, 기술직/비기술직 종사자들의 영주권 업무를 다수 수행하였습니다.  또한, E-2 와 E-5 비자 취득을 위한 광범위한 이민법 및 기업구조 조정 업무를 수행한 경험이 있습니다.
김선영 변호사는 25년 이상 동안 하이테크 산업, 회계업, 요식업, 엔지니어링, 의료업, 건설/건축업, 항공사, 연예/문화 사업 및 스포츠 업계의 고객분들을 상담한 경험을 보유하고 있습니다.  덧붙여, 다수의 영사관과 미 연방 이민국 인터뷰에 고객분들의 법률 고문으로 참여하였습니다.

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변호사 자격증 취득

  • 와싱톤주
  • 매사츄세츠주, 비활동
  • 뉴욕주, 비활동

개인 소개

  김선영 변호사는 일세대 이민자로서 아메리칸 드림을 좇는 과정에 필요한 노력과 어려움을 이해하기에, 고객 여러분들께서 아메리칸 드림을 성취하시도록 돕는데 최선을 다 합니다. 서울 출생으로 대학 진학 전까지 한국에서 생활하신 김선영 변호사는 한국어에 능통하며, 한국 정서를 잘 이해합니다.

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