Kevin Khong

COVID-19 & Trusts, Estates and Vulnerable Adult Litigation

Coronavirus / COVID-19, Trust and Estate Litigation

Covid-19 has disrupted the lives of many individuals and none more so than our vulnerable and elderly friends and family. The majority of proceedings related to litigation involving trusts, estates, guardianships, powers-of-attorney, and vulnerable adult protection orders occur in the Ex-Parte Department of the Superior Court. The Trust and Estate Litigation team at Helsell Fetterman […]

Kevin Khong

The Effect of Lost or Destroyed Wills

Elder Law, Trust and Estate Litigation

A lost or destroyed original will can unravel the best laid plans of a person trying to specifically avoid ambiguity when it comes to his/her testamentary intent. Washington State adopts the common-law presumption of animo revocandi (latin for “with intent to revoke”) that a lost or destroyed will was purposefully revoked. Probating a will when […]